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Lady Gaga’s Got Nothing on Santa Cruz’s 2012 fashionART Show

Brilliant textiles, billowing silk, and the Great Morgani in a snake skin lit up the night Saturday at the Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium.

Images by Maria Grusauskas

September 23, 2012

D’Cox. “Caroline Webster’s line expemplifies the sensuous beauty of the woman’s body—with silhouettes, luxurious silks and lots of skin.”

The 7th Annual fashionART Santa Cruz runway show was an entertaining night of inspiring new designs and lots of skin, paraded down the runway at daring heights, and in sheer and utter confidence.

Highlights include Angelo Grova‘s “Eurasia” which he made from industrial materials; black erosion control cloth, white roofing fabric and aluminum tubing.

“Using translucent fabrics, that obscure the human form, with light and motion shapes are transformed,” said Grova of his design, which featured an obscured glimpse of the model’s bare buns.

The audience also went wild for the Great Morgani, who showed up in a full snake skin body suit and boots “that even Lady GaGa would be hesitant to wear.”

This year’s show had it all, from a colorful parade of flowy dresses made with two parts silk and one part glimpses of skin, to exacto-cut TyVec vests, traditional Nigerian woven and dyed prints, and stainless steel mesh designs inspired by the steam punk movement.

Scroll through the photographs! Designers and their websites are noted in the captions.

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